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We Empower and Grow
Global Leaders and Positive Impact Makers!

Our vision is to positively impact, enthusiastically educate, heartfully engage, and powerfully empower women entrepreneurs in a purposefully positioned, creatively designed globally local community.

As an empowerment and accountability network, we create the space to ensure women know their worth and value, and are able to collaborate, co-create to grow revenue through building a sustainable legacy business.

The success of our work is partially dependent on the support we have from Sponsors. Consider supporting us as we support women in our local area to be bigger Global Difference Makers and Positive Impact Makers.

Here’s how you can Sponsor a Monthly Networking Event, and unless there are special sponsorship opportunities, any event we host, these levels will apply.

WE Women are empowered and we share our space with the men who wish to join us who are also contributors to making a difference, globally and locally in the world, and who wish to further the messages and opportunities we collectively share.

Our Sponsors automatically get their business added to  our Resources List so we can share, showcase, promote, and refer you.

Please make your Sponsorship Selection and click the ‘Sponsor’ button below.

The Women Empowering Women (“WE Women”) organization is an open organization and a unique platform for women sharing entrepreneurial resources, stories of powerful life and business experiences and strategies for forward movement into and through a global network of live and digital connections.

It begins with networking to get to know each other to explore the possibilities of creating new collaborative opportunities. We will have exercises and opportunities to share, learn, excite and empower.

WE Women Ambassadors are a part of our strategic and hear-centered growth plan. They connect us to the many new possibilities in our networking events and during trainings and all of the other ways we reach out to our various communities.

Women Empowering Women thank you for your support.

Any questions and inquiries can be made by contacting:

V. Lynn Hawkins, Founder





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