Entrepreneurs WIN with Interns

‘Entrepreneurs WIN’

Utilizing Women Veterans as INTERNS to Help Grow Your Business

With Interns, Entrepreneurs WIN…

Are you struggling with trying to do it all?  STOP!

Working with an intern is not a new concept. As a matter of fact, it has been a very successful endeavor for the intern and the entrepreneurs who have elected to be a mentor to an intern/mentee willing to help.

For an entrepreneur, it’s even more of an opportunity and a win for many. Having the assistance of an intern, whether paid or unpaid, you can make a bigger impact through your work and we are here to assist in the process.

Here’s what an Intern can help with when you participate in the P3ASE Women Veterans Internship Program with Entrepreneurs:

  • Increase your visibility online and manage Social Media outreach,
  • Launch new products and programs,
  • Help create relevant documentation for programs,
  • Set up your sales funnels,
  • Create, edit and publish your video trainings, podcasts, blogs and courses,
  • Outbound marketing of your business products, programs and/or services,
  • Manage team projects as an assist to you, and more

Running a business without all the resources you need can be overwhelming!!

Business growth comes with VISIBILITY in the marketplace so those who need you can find you.

To become more visible, consider learning how to work with one or more interns who can help you, and you can focus on the things to grow your business.

Learn how easy it can be to work with women Veterans to help grow your business. Work on projects, on specific areas of business, and mentor a woman who wants to help you grow.

Jobs/Services Provided Include:

  • Social Media Assistant (multiple opportunities)
  • Associate Podcast Producer (multiple opportunities)
  • Assistant Producer Web-TV (multiple opportunities)
  • Training Assistant (multiple opportunities)
  • Content Curator ((multiple opportunities)
  • Graphics Designers
  • Copywriters
  • Project Management
  • Executive Assistant (multiple opportunities)
  • Video Editor Assistant (multiple opportunities)
  • Video Production Assistant (multiple opportunities)
  • Membership Coordinator Assistant
  • Sales Associate (multiple opportunities)
  • Research Associate
  • Relationship Management Assistant (multiple opportunities)


WHEN:   Anytime,  24 / 7 
WHERE:  Via the Comfort of your home or office, or by phone on your Zoom app


What if you could have the help you needed so you could grow your business?

Would it make a difference if you could have this help for 90 days without cost, and have the opportunity to  renew the interns assignment for an additional 90 days?

The program is simple… Our objective is to help entrepreneurs grow your business.

This is a limited time special opportunity at the cost noted below. Enrolling now means you’re locked in at this cost and renewals are annual. While that is the case, our goal is to get you an intern match and help you grow your business so that you can hire the resources yuo need and have a system to easily manage them.

What is it going to cost?

COST:   $500  per person / $775 per couple    (Renewable Annually)

Take full advantage NOW of this
Discounted Pricing for Participation

Select what fits for you and Click the Enroll Now Button Below.

$500 Per Person

Individual Enrollment

$775 Per Couple

Two Person Enrollment

Not convinced you should be here?

Here’s what you will gain by attending:

  • Special Guest, Marianette Refour, Business and Professional Etiquette Specialist will share insights and tips on how to work with an intern and be the mentor you want to be to get the results you need to get to grow your business.
  • You’ll understand the job opportunities that the women veterans are interested in, or already versed in so you will know how to best mentor them.
  • You’ll have access to interns who want to work virtually and/or in-person
  • You’ll have the opportunity to get an unpaid or a paid intern, based on what fits for your business.
  • You’ll get to interview the candidates interested in your job opportunity to make sure it’s a good match and the right fit.
  • You’ll get the opportunity to be a part of the training resources in yur area of expertise, for these interns, should you chose. Periodic group training is part of the program requirements.

Don’t miss this opportunity. 

By attending this live event, enrolling in the Program you not only get the advantage of being matched with some of the best of the interns, you get the first selections, you have NO ADDITIONAL PROGRAM COSTS during the Internship Period, and you get 2 huge BONUSES ….

** BONUS #1 **

Attend the Entrepreneurs with Interns Open Forum, twice each month. The Open Training and the Open Q&A are where you can ask your questions, offer your suggestions, add your wisdom while you get additional training around how to work optimally together.

** BONUS #2 **

Get your downloadable copy of the Social Media Marketing Principles CHECKLIST.  It’s Free and It’s Yours for being a part of this program!


When you enroll, you will

Point-By-Point Checklist

View or print this handy checklist so you can check off each point as you are creating your social media marketing for your Crowdfunding Hacker Campaign, or for your business program or product launch.

It is like a summary of my entire guide. It’s in actionable, bite-sized points so that you can successfully get through the checklist, expecting the outcome …


Women Veterans who are a part of the program are those who You will want to consider hiring at the end of the 90-day internship program.

By Enrolling NOW, there are
No Additional Internship Program Fees
to have access to an Intern. 




$500 Per Person

Individual Enrollment

$775 Per Couple

Two Person Enrollment

We are building a collaborative of entrepreneurs who can benefit from working with women Veteran interns.

We are providing an opportunity for women Vets to enhance skills, acquire new skills and help grow businesses that can potentially provide them with paid or higher pay employment opportunities.

Join us! This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

Empowering More to SOAR and Living in Abundant Blessings!

V. Lynn Hawkins and the Internship Program Team
P3 Academy of Social Entrepreneurship

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