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Our Mission:  Through education and participation, help 10,000 crowdfunders create their campaigns, get heard, and get visible to get funded by the end of 2020.

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Crowdfunding Hacker

Crowdfunding Hacker TV Show

The Crowdfunding Hacker Community is designed to be a place for crowdfunders to share their vision, express their voice, increase their visibility and get help getting funded.

The message is simple … Crowdfunding WORX (With Others Results are Xponential).

All Shows can be seen via YouTube and in our Crowdfunding Hacker Membership. Some of the amazing broadcasts, trainings, workshops, and 1-on-1 coaching will including:

  • Idea to Funding – What’s your idea, invention or business related cause, and what does your crowdfunding campaign need for you to stand out?
  • Power Surge Pitch – Interviews with some of the most successful fundraisers. Hear their stories to get ideas for your pitch.
  • Investors and Investing – Tapping  Into This Crowd. Watch the interviews with those in the equity crowdfunding space to hear their take on moving through the challenges to create success.
  • Tip of the Week – “Valuable Lessons”, “Inspiring Stories” and “Do’s and Don’ts”.  These tips will be some of the most valuable  things learned and to learn, which is one of the best ways to create what can work for your campaign.
  • Doing Good – Making a Positive Impact. SThere are lots of businesses and organizations doing good using crowdfunding. Tune in as we highlight the amazing things and the people doing them.
  • Membership and Member Open Forums – Extended versions of full interviews are available in the Crowdfunding Hacker Membership.

As we grow our Crowdfunding Hacker Family and Welcome newcomers, we will be accomplishing our mission to help 10,000 crowdfunders to learn more about how to create their campaign, get heard, and get visible to get funded.

Crowdfunding Hacker Family

If you had the VISION for a crowdfunding campaign that what went beyond your need and successfully met your fundraising goal, tell your story. Email:

We want you to share how you crafted your message in a VOICE that helped influenced others to donate, including how you inspired your team to support you. You increased your VISIBILITY so your efforts would have lasting results and we want to know what you did.

NEED HELP CREATING YOUR CAMPAIGN:  If you want my help to create your campaign, get your Complimentary 30-minute Rapid Results Strategy Session.

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Crowdfunding Hacker Community.

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