Get It Done Parties

The Get It Done Party Needs You!

If you’re looking for a way to get the things done to more easily market your business, but you need help to get unstuck … LOOK NO MORE!

This Gathering is to Get Things Done!

We want you to Do It Now, So It’s Done When You Need It … and you don’t have to be stuck anymore. We’re doing everything, including:

-Email Marketing
-Social Media Presence and Marketing
-Blogging to Increase Your Expert Authority
-Course Creation
-Writing Your Book
-Book to a Course
-Course to a Book
-Writing Sales Copy
-Outsourcing to Reclaim Your Time and Increase Your Revenue
-Facebook Ads
-YouTube Marketing
-LinkedIn Marketing
-Video, WebTV and Podcasting
-Crowdfunding Success Blueprint [Campaign Design & Implementation Strategies]
-Hypnosis [Greater Self-Confidence, Greater Health, Greater Focus, etc]
-EFT – The One Tap Solution: The Ultimate Edge for Deliberate Creation [Wealth, Health, Relationships]

Having an active, exciting digital presence can be a challenge. It is as much a skill as it is a strategy for your business success. These GET IT DONE Parties will help you get set up and set an implementation strategy that you can handle, so you can work your plan and Get It Done!

Write a Killer Blog / Turn Your Blog Into an eBook

Are you writing blog articles and using them as exciting, enticing lead magnets?

Are you writing what your audience is responding to by their comments and sharing?

If not, why not?

  • Don’t really know what makes an attractive and attracting blog article?
  • Can’t figure out which story to tell that will have the best impact towards your objective?
  • Want something more business oriented, yet you’re not sure how to position it and yourself as the expert authority?
  • You have no clue how to turn your blog article into an eBook and need help?

You’ll get answers to these questions and more.

More importantly, if you’ve been struggling with this or just wanting to Get It Done, It’s okay … Help is here and you can do this from the comfort of your own office, home office or kitchen table, anywhere around the globe.

AND when you’re finished writing it, we’ll edit it, add images, add an eBook cover, and we’ll publish it for you too!

The Blog to a Book Get It Done Party

Has Happened and Now you can WATCH THE REPLAY

Claim Your Seat at the Virtual Table and WATCH THE REPLAYBring Your Coffee, Tea or Water and Post Up with Your Pen, Paper and Laptop!

Get those fingers nimble, your keyboard set, then, get ready to write.

When you’re finished, you will …

  • Have at least one blog article for your use to post on your website, share via social media, or post on LinkedIn.
  • Find out the top 3 tips to remember when writing your blog articles.
  • Have a list of blog article titles for your next writing session(s).
  • Have an author signature you can use with all of your blog articles.
  • Know how to curate resources to use in your articles to bring more credibility and use link-backs for greater exposure.
  • Know the calendar strategies I use to manage creating your series of blog articles making it easy and efficient.

After this Training, you will have a blog article written, added at least one resource link, and as a BONUS, you can submit 1 article to my team and we’ll create your eBook, with an eBook cover. We’ll send you the final draft to review. You can make 1 edit round and  we will return your finished published eBook.

If you weren’t able to make the Live Training and have watched the replay on the next page, answer the 3 simple questions and submit your article to my team for us to create your eBook.

During the training,

**VLynn reviews the training elements and prompts you to write

**Questions were asked about writing blog articles, and you get to hear the answers

**Write yours while VLynn was also writing to get her blog article published

All so we can produce an article that can be used to increase visibility, add to your expert voice and create a lead magnet to …

–Post on your website as a downloadable gift when someone signs up to your email list.

–Post it via social media as a giveaway as you invite people to sign up on your website.

–Use it to increase your Facebook page likes.

–Use it for a gift as you do speaking engagements, podcasts or presentations and have people opt-in to your email list.


Click the Button Below to Sign Up and

Complete the 3 questions after you’ve watched the replay and get this and all the other great ADDITIONAL BONUSES. Use this checklist to help you with ideas to set up your social media plan and grow your business. Easy set up leads to easy implementation.


Social Media Marketing Principles Checklist

Get 27 Social Media Marketing Principles to make your marketing meaningful, visible and revenue generating.

Write your article & Submit it. It’s that simple!

Sign Up and Watch the REPLAY at:

Let’s Get It Done!!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Without visibility, there is no revenue and at the very least, not as much revenue. Your message moves slowly and you find yourself in the spin of working too hard and producing too little.
**Increase your Impact by Increasing your Visibility!
**Increase your Visibility to Increase your Revenue!
**Increase your Visibility through optimizing the use of social media and video!
Don’t be the best kept secret any longer.
Get Clear to Get Found to Get Revenue!
Make a bigger impact during 2021 and start off with the momentum that will make this a banner year!

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