Get It Done Parties

The Get It Done Party Needs You!

If you’re looking for a way to get the things done to more easily market your business, but you need help to get unstuck … LOOK NO MORE!

This Gathering is to Get Things Done!

We want you to Do It Now, So It’s Done When You Need It … and you don’t have to be stuck anymore. We’re doing everything, including:

-Email Marketing
-Social Media Presence and Marketing
-Blogging to Increase Your Expert Authority
-Course Creation
-Writing Your Book
-Book to a Course
-Course to a Book
-Writing Sales Copy
-Outsourcing to Reclaim Your Time and Increase Your Revenue
-Facebook Ads
-YouTube Marketing
-LinkedIn Marketing
-Video, WebTV and Podcasting

Having an active, exciting digital presence can be a challenge. It is as much a skill as it is a strategy for your business success. These GET IT DONE Parties will help you get set up and set an implementation strategy that you can handle, so you can work your plan and Get It Done!

Are you using email to market and stay in communication with your clients and potential customers?

If not, why not?

  • Don’t have time to set it all up?
  • Can’t figure out the ins and outs of MailChimp?
  • Need an autoresponder sequence, but you can’t figure out what to say, much less set it up?
  • Why MailChimp and not something else?

You’ll get answers to these questions and more.

More importantly, if you’ve been struggling with this or just wanting to Get It Done, It’s okay … Help is here and you can do this from the comfort of your own office, home office or kitchen table, anywhere around the globe.

We’re Bringing the MailChimp Get It Done Party

to a ZOOM Webinar

ONLY $27.00  to Claim Your Seat at the Virtual Table. You will receive Zoom Access instructions immediately upon signing up.

Bring Your Coffee, Tea or Water and Post Up with Us!

Then, get ready to work.

When we’re finished, your will …

  • Know the aspects of MailChimp that you didn’t know MailChimp had.
  • Find out some features you may not use now, but can use in the future.
  • Have your first/next list set up.
  • Have your first/next campaign set up (Welcome or Product/Program).
  • Have your next 4 (for a total of 5) emails in a sequence set up for your immediate use.
  • Know the strategies for and how to create a 50 or a 365 email sequence.
  • How to read the analytics so you’ll know how to tell if your emails are being opened, and what to do if they’re not.

This Blow Your Mind Training has been priced just for you.

ONLY $27.00 

Complete your Sign Up and get this great BONUS. Use this checklist to help you with ideas to set up your social media plan to grow your business. Easy set up leads to easy implementation.




Social Media Marketing Principles Checklist

Get 27 Social Media Marketing Principles to make your marketing meaningful, visible and revenue generating.



Join us for this hands-on Get It Done Session


Friday, March 29, 2018 from 9am-1pm

WHERE:   Your Office Anywhere on the Planet via ZOOM Webinar

increase your visibility with a few simple steps.

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Let’s Get It Done!!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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