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Interns WIN

Working In eNtrepreneurship

Utilizing INTERNS as a Resource to Help Grow Business While Helping Interns to Learn and Gain Experience is Not New.

Corporations aren’t the only ones to help interns learn and make a difference in the process. Entrepreneurs and small businesses who understand the value of internships and know how to mentor and manage to specific outcomes, may do it better and provide real hands on business development opportunities.

When individuals are looking for an opportunity to make a difference, to learn a new set of skills, to enhance your existing skills and grow more rapidly in their chosen field, and they can connect around the idea of growing business, it’s a BIG WIN!

Most business schools and even some entrepreneurship programs fail to provide students with real world challenges to help solve. Growing business is one of those challenges.

Whether it’s insurance or consulting, the skills of a student in business and entrepreneurship is enhanced by what they are able to bring to the table of growth and opportunity for themselves and the business owner.

For entrepreneurs, it can be overwhelming running a business without the help they need!!

For Interns who want a chance to see the inside of a small business and help it succeed. The training in business related technical applications, processes and systems, as well as soft-skills, personal and professional development, is bar none, some of the best. The entrepreneurs and small business we partner with are some of the best and brightest in the marketplace, and are doing business locally and globally.

Entrepreneurs Need You for Paid and Unpaid Internships in the P3ASE Internship Program. This 90-day program will give you the opportunity to work part-time or full-time for the enterpreneur that you feel is a right fit for you, your time and your career interest.

You can continue additional 90-day periods working for the same entrepreneur as part of the program, you can be hired by that entrepreneur, or you can elect to expand your skills and knowledge to focus on a new area of interest supporting a different entrepreneur. You might also work for multiple entrepreneurs on a project basis.

The opportunities are many and varied, from web-television and podcast broadcasting, live entertainment support, to finance and marketing, to visibility through social media, book publishing, research, systems management, project management, fundraising, and more.

NOTE:  Our Program, originally developed as a benefit for Women Veterans, is open to all who wish to be a part of this endeavor, especially women, all Veterans, and college or advanced level students. We believe that we have disrupted the norm for Internships in offering this program and because of our delivery, we are positioned to create more entrepreneurs who will be successful, if that is the direction our interns should choose to take.

All you have to do is APPLY and let us know what your area(s) of interest are, the time that you will commit to make available for work, be interviewed, and you could be immediately matched with an entrepreneur who is seeking help in your area of interest.

In this video, you’ll find the details, including that all unpaid positions lead to paid job opportunities. Click the center of this image to watch.

Jobs/Services Provided Include:

  • Social Media Assistant (multiple opportunities)
  • Associate Podcast Producer (multiple opportunities)
  • Assistant Producer Web-TV (multiple opportunities)
  • Training Assistant (multiple opportunities)
  • Content Curator ((multiple opportunities)
  • Graphics Designers
  • Copywriters
  • Project Management
  • Executive Assistant (multiple opportunities)
  • Video Editor Assistant (multiple opportunities)
  • Video Production Assistant (multiple opportunities)
  • Membership Coordinator Assistant
  • Sales Associate (multiple opportunities)
  • Research Associate
  • Relationship Management Assistant (multiple opportunities)


Interns have the opportunity to learn new skills, tools and systems to assist the entrepreneur they are matched with.

Skills like: social media management, project management, and more.

Tools like:  Zoom video/audio conferencing, XSplit video broadcasting and recording system, Microsoft Office Suite of Products, and more.

Systems like:  time management, project management, business growth, and more.

THIS PROGRAM was designed to provide access to a solid foundation for interns to the world of entrepreneurship. We believe in the Mentor / Mentee relationship works best for the multiple WINs available through the Program, for interns, entrepreneurs and every customer that both will serve.

“When you help others get what they want, you will get what you want.” -Zig Ziglar



We thank you for your interest in our Program and we operate it in pursuit of your personal and professional growth.


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