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Through the P3 Academy of Social Entrepreneurship, our Partner in Education is DeVry UniversityLearn more about how you can benefit from being a part of our tribe and our partnership.

-Tuition Reduction, Waiver of Fees, Advanced Curriculum and so much more. Get the details at:


Email us at:   info@p3academy.com

We also congratulate and are excited to work with our partner, Saint Leo University, who had allowed us to present our program offering to their women students and women Veterans.

We are exceptionally excited to work with our partner in delivering the eWIN and P3 Academy Internship Program for Women Veterans is Marianette ReFour, Licensed Psychologist and CEO of Mir-Image Consulting, delivering Professional and Business Etiquette and unwaivering support for our Interns and Team Members.

The P3 Academy of Social Entrepreneurship  is the coaching & consulting enterprise, helping entrepreneurs grow rapid, sustainable business using innovative strategies and funding options, including crowdfunding & equity crowdfunding. Crowdfunding Hacker TV and trainings specifically emphasizing creating crowdfunding campaigns and collaboratives is done through the P3 Academy’s work.

We also are the Founding Enterprise of the Women Empowering Women events.



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