Crowdfunding Success Blueprint Bootcamp

Crowdfunding Success Blueprint Bootcamp
Increase Your Impact!

Creating Crowdfunding Campaigns that WIN
Innovation + Creativity = SUCCESS


The mojo behind a disruptive model of crowdfunding is the Big Secret to crowdfunding success.

The combination of social technology to build your causal network added to a blueprint style creation to completion concept is an opportunity that will literally change people’s lives!

This is why Crowdfunding WORX!

The 5-Part Crowdfunding Success Blueprint Bootcamp
is an important step in bridging the gap between the myths of successful crowdfunding and the reality of what is needed to make a crowdfunding campaign work.

The Bootcamp was created to help you flow more income for your cause, allowing you to make a greater difference by growing your network and give you everything you need to

Increase Your Impact!

Crowdfunding Success Blueprint Bootcamp(TM)

There are 5 Steps in Lynn’s signature program to help you create and launch a successful crowdfunding campaign. In this LIVE 6-week bootcamp, Lynn will guide you through all 5 steps and you will create your campaign. You’ll get the Campaign Creation Guide, Workbook, Videos, Audios, and help every step of the way.

Here are the Program Details:


Your Message is the Foundation of your Campaign Success
In this session, we will work together to help you …INTRODUCTION & CREATING AN EPIC CAMPAIGN

[] Confirm the schedule for the course and access

[] Review how to access and download your material

[] Review how to get the most out of your Workbook

[] Create a crystal clear vision for your campaign

[] Name your campaign to attract the funds you’d like to have

You will  get your first assignment and get set up to be a part of the Private Facebook Group Open Forums.


Mindset Mastery From Creation thru Completion
Mindset Mastery begins in this session where we will work together to …

[] Build the stages of your campaign launch from start (heart) to finish)

[] Strengthen your mindset to flow the energy your campaign needs through successful completion

[] Use the 4Fs to hone in on your messageTHE 4Fs OF CROWDFUNDING

[] Create the strategy to bring in pictures and videos to reach your audience of donors

[] Create the vision to complete, including the celebration

Using the information in your Workbook, you can easily complete this part of your campaign strategy.

You will alaso be able to bring any questions to the Private Facebook Group Open Forums to get any help directly from Lynn.


The Money and Success is in the Prelaunch
In this session, you will …


[] Formulate the pre-launch strategy

[] Set a plan to implement pre-launch

[] Position yourself in the top 5% of all successful crowdfunding campaigns

[] Decide whether you’re doing it yourself or engaging a team

[] Integrate the tools to help move your campaign forward and through to completion with ease.

Get the additional help and feedback you need in the Private Facebook Group from those in the group and from VLynn.


The Momentum Cycle – Follow-up to Fulfillment
This is the cycle of your campaign that …

[] Requires the most effort to bring your plan to closure

[] You allocate the time you will commit to implementing

[] Apply your campaign to a daily calendar to follow through with efficiency

[] Follow-up to close loose ends and secure more commitments for funding

[] Review your fulfillment strategy so you can complete with ease

Session 5:  THE 5 Tiers TEST

Ready, Set, Launch – Countdown to Impact and Celebration
In the last session, we will work together to …

THE 5 Tiers TEST

[] Put your plan to the test against the 5 Tiers of Acceleration Success

[] Tie up any loose ends and secure any loose connections

[] Clean up your process so you can repeat the process

[] Create the excitement to the launch that will be reflected in how your campaign moves forward

[] Understand how completion is not the end, yet is truly the beginning of the next campaign

Following this outline alone, you have a much better chance of campaign success, and when you are a part of the Bootcamp, you increase the odds in your favor even more..

The FINAL SESSION #6 is a Full Q&A and Campaign Presentation/Review Session with Lynn. Come ready with your campaign outline, a draft of your campaign slide deck, and/or ready to preview your campaign page. This final session is 2-hours of Lynn’s undivided attention to the presenters who will have a set amount of time to present. Anyone not presenting will have the opportunity to learn from the other presentations, so all are encouraged to be present.


Program #1 Program #2
Do It Yourself Done With Help
Next Session Begins Wednesday 5/17/23 @ 3-4pm ET


Attend all Program #1 Sessions PLUS 1:1 Session & Bonuses, Starts Weds 5/17/23 @ 3-4pm ET


… to get your campaign completed with the highest level of success:


Periodot Do it Yourself Program

  • -Complete your campaign from creation through implementation as part of the virtual class
  • -Enroll and attend live and/or have access to the replays
  • -Private Facebook Group for our crowdfunding aficionados to get questions answered and any assistance you may need

Cost:   $497  [Next Session Begins  Wednesday, 5/17/23 @ 3-4pm ET]


Emerald Done With You Program

  • -Campaign development from creation through implementation as part of the virtual class
  • -Attend live and/or have access to the replays
  • -A transcript from each of the trainings
  • -Private Facebook Group for our crowdfunding aficionados to get questions answered and any assistance you may need
  • -Five 1-hour weekly Open Forum group coaching sessions to walk with you through idea development, strategy, campaign set up and implementation through completion, and answer any questions live or for the recording
  • -2 one-hour Rapid Results 1:1 Strategy Sessions, the 1st to help you walk through your campaign ideas, expectations and setting the metrics for your results. The 2nd just prior to your launch, helps to make sure you’re ready and can run your campaign with ease.

Cost:   $997  [Next Session Begins  Wednesday, 5/17/23 @ 3-4pm ET]


Enroll in the DO IT YOURSELF Program and take any other P3 Academy Crowfunding Course for a 20% Discount for Life!


Enroll in the DONE WITH HELP Program and take any other P3 Academy Crowfunding Course for a 45% Discount for Life!


Enroll in the Any one of the Programs
and recieve a copy of the Course Guide
Course Guide

Crowdfunding Success Blueprint Training Guide
Increase Your Impact

Also Receive the Crowdfunding Success Blueprint Workbook

(a $57 Value)

Bonus #4

Enroll in the Either Program
and receive a copy of the book by V. Lynn Hawkins
The Ultimate Edge Technique for Deliberate Creation

The One Tap Solution: The Ultimate Edge Technique for Deliberate Creation

(a $27 Value)

Bonus #5

Special Pricing when you Enroll in the

A 3-hour Crowdfunding Pitch Training so you can create, practice, align and emody the pitch for your cause. Get ready for the crowdfunding audience that can support cause before, during and after your campaign.

(a $47 Value)

Bonus #6

Downloadable Copy of the Book from Author
V. Lynn Hawkins,
Certified Business Development Coach and Funding Strategist
giving you the
7 Steps that can Change  Everything in Your Business and Life

7 Steps that can Change  Everything in Your Business and Life


(a $47 Value)

PERIDOT – Do It Yourself
One Time Payment

tImage_GetAccessNow_Button _get-access-now_120814

EMERALD – Done With Help
One Time PaymentImage_GetAccessNow_Button _get-access-now_120814

NOTE:  All trainings are the same and held at the same times on the designated days and dates for both program participant groups. The schedule will be confirmed prior to the program start. The Emerald Group gets a greater advantage when they participate in the Weekly Open Forum Sessions and take advantage of the valuable additional one-hour Q&A session with Lynn.

To help you decide, set your 30-minute Complimentary Discovery Session with VLynn to:

  • Determine if your campaign needs require more guidance and attention than this, you can apply to work 1-on-1 with Lynn to have her help you directly with getting your campaign created and implemented.
  • Inquire about whether or not traditional crowdfunding for business or equity crowdfunding is the best option for you.

Set your appointment Now:


Our Mission:  Through education and participation, help 10,000 crowdfunders create their campaigns, get heard, and get visible to get funded by the end of 2030.

Will you be one of those we help get Clear, Found and Funded?



  • Campaign Video Creation (30-seconds to 1-hour professionally edited and produced videos)
  • Social Media Promotionals and Management (5 to 100 branded memes and post management)
  • e-Cover Design (for Kindle or Soft/Hard Cover)
  • Book Publishing (for Self or Traditional House Publishing with International Marketing)
  • Business/Training Film Blueprinting and Creation (30-minute or film includes blueprinting, filming, professional editing and production)
  • Tedx Your Pitch (training)
  • Story Leverage(R) (story assessment and business leverage strategy training)
  • Business Plan with 5 or 10-year Projections (every business needs a business plan and if your campaign will be enhanced by it, get it here)
  • and More

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