4 Things to Get Started with Crowdfunding


Getting started with crowdfunding is simple, but not as easy as some may thing. It requires a bit of work and one important thing to start, research. This blog will give you 4 things to research to get started, all of which are a part of the bigger plan strategy for your campaign.

[1]  Do your research to understand crowdfunding and what makes it such a huge opportunity for small business. Find out who has successfully done what you want to do and hack it to find out what they did.

I learned from writing grants that you had to research every funding source prior to every grant submission, even if you’d applied to them before. Things changed pretty much annually, including what the winners did to get awarded the grants. The degree of your research will impact the degree of your success.

[2]  Study up on the different types of crowdfunding, which type is best for what you are raising funds for, and how it is done efficiently. Remember, you’ll be soliciting donations and that could include a special way you need to do it for the type of campaign you want to run. You don’t want to unknowingly violate any laws and you want to make optimal use of your resources.

Include the results of your study in developing your campaign strategy. That way you’ll know what you’re doing thus minimizing the potential for mistakes.  When it comes to soliciting money from strangers the last thing you want to do is make mistakes.

To learn more about what crowdfunding is, how to effectively create a strategy, and execute it, check out the blog posts at the P3 Academy of Social Entrepreneurship. You will find everything from the History of Crowdfunding to tips on campaign creation.

[3]  Once you understand how crowdfunding works, you need to make sure you’ve got a complete strategy, have prioritized your steps, and created your compelling message and a promotional strategy that targets those who you believe will contribute to your campaign.

It is critical that your message be clear, concise and compelling so people easily understand what you’re going after. No one wants some nebulous and confusing solicitation to hit their door, email inbox or on social media.

Being clear and up front about who you are, who will benefit from what you are doing, and what you intend to achieve are signs that you’ll do what you say you will do with efficiency and professionalism. Test your message with your team and with a small network. Their feedback will be valuable.

Here are 3 things you want to make sure of:

  1. You’ve identified who will be the ideal audience to contribute to your campaign.
  2. You’ve gotten clear and concise with your message.
  3. You’ve got a full plan for reaching into your marketing channels.

You’ll be able to communicate and operate within the crowdfunding community, and possibly gain access to experts who will see at a glance that you’re a well disciplined and responsible individual or group worthy of funding.

As you look at your message and reach, consider intentionally extending your reach to people and groups that would like your idea and your goals.

For example, let us say you want to raise money to get your Blues music band annual tour or new CD. You won’t appeal to all music lovers, only those who also love the Blues.

You may have to do some work to find that audience who will support your efforts, and this can be done via a blog, website, videos, or visiting other blogs and websites so that you can communicate, not spam, with others of like mind.  You might find a number of people just as interested in your goals as you are and they would be willing to contribute to your cause.

[4]  You’ll need to set up your campaign on a platform, and make the connection to conversations on your website, blog and/or special Facebook page to maximize your presentation and efficiency. Use a simple yet intriguing design and create an easy way for your funding clientele to communicate with you.

There are numerous campaign platform websites that help attract contributors and they make sure no crooks or scammers can take advantage of the unsuspecting. They know the lure to good money can attract these types of people, so it requires you to have your plan and paperwork in order, so that any inquiries into your efforts can be clearly administered to.

Research your platforms like you would research your web hosting or other resource provider. There is a best platform for every type of project, so make sure you do the research to find the best one for you.

Don’t know where to begin? Take recommendations and then take a look for yourself, especially if you’re working your own campaign. You can create having an advantage working with someone who is familiar with various platforms, or who has already done the research.

Once you’ve got the research behind you, gotten the deails for your campaign orked out and created a plan, you’ll be able to make the right moves and follow through with less risk and confusion.

This is how you get started in crowdfunding, with the research. How you end is by not forgetting to stay in communication with those you’ve been fortunate enough to have as donors. That effort alone will yield a lot.

Whether you’re raising capital for business growth, a book promotional campaign, a product, or film, the more prepared, professional, clear, and honest you present yourself as, the better chances of you acquiring the funding you desire.

Get Clear!     VISION to Strategy.

Get Found!     VOICE the Right Message.

Get Funded!      VISIBILITY Gets You Funds.


V. Lynn Hawkins is a certified business acceleration coach and small business funding strategist. CEO/Founder of the P3 Academy of Social Entrepreneurship, Lynn helps grow rapid, sustainable businesses through her signature 5 Tiers of Accelerated Business Development. As Co-CEO of PositiveImpactMakers.orgthe focus is on recognizing the growing number of socially conscious businesses, and showcasing entrepreneurs already making an impact in the world using crowdfunding. Lynn is host of the Crowdfunding Hacker WebTV Show and has taken up the mantel as the Crowdfunding Hacker Queen, helping businesses raise capital using crowdfunding. She is an author, speaker and an advocate for growing women and their businesses. Lynn is often caught saying “when you earn more revenue, you can do more good in the world.” She believes in creating a wealth mindset and a living legacy through your work.


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