The Truth ABOUT Crowdfunding

If you’ve heard the stories about crowdfunding campaigns that fail, that cost a lot of money, that lost a lot of money, you’re right. It happens. More than 80% of all campaigns fail.

I know from first hand experience and I know from hacking the successful campaigns, as well as the failures. There is a system that when implemented, is why Crowdfunding WORX for business.

So, how can you become part of the 20% that succeed? You’re in the right place to get the answer to that question.

If you personally have a business need, want to do a project or program or have a cause and you’re stuck in the failed experiences of others, or your own, Stop It!!

So, it was a failure and painful, not to mention costly, if nothing else, your time and energy. Failure is about the lessons learned and I’ve had my share. From my own disappointments to disappointed clients … yet, when my  5 Essential Steps to Crowdfunding Success  are implemented, there is success (and you can’t bypass any one of them and think it will still work … another tough lesson learned.)

Every step in this process is essential.

TRUTH … you don’t have to raise less than your goal. You can raise more than your budgeted goal! You do want to follow these steps.

If you are a crowdfunder who wants to win, then you have to have a system to …

  • GET CLEAR: Create the Vision for what you want and go beyond your surface need, to identify your deeper WHY.
  • GET FOUND: Craft your message in a Voice that helps influence others to donate and your team is inspired to support your mission.
  • GET FUNDED: Increase your Visibility so your efforts will create lasting results for your business or cause and reach (or surpass) your funding goals.

This is the Crowdfunding Hacker Way and how Crowdfunding WORX. 

These are the factors that make crowdfunding a great means to get funding for heart-centered entrepreneurs, businesses and individuals to do things like …

  • fund a capital need for the next stage of business growth
  • cover the editing, publishing and marketing costs for your new book
  • raise the capital to provide a new team member in your business that can add to your growth potential
  • cover the production and promotional costs for your new film or documentary
  • create residual income opportunities as a result of your campaign

To do that, you must

Get CLEAR  |  Get FOUND  |  Get FUNDED