About Time Management

Time Management is one misleading phrase. While science fiction, for the longest time, has been fixated on the subject of managing time using numerous ways, like the idea of time travel, not one person on this earth can really manage time.

I agree with William Penn, however, only to the extent that when you know better, you do better. Let’s talk about knowing and doing better.

As a human, the only thing that you can hope to attain is to successfully manage your life’s events in the most efficient way possible for you to have adequate time left for other things that you need to accomplish. Time is the one that manages itself, in all sense of the word.

Time is not to be managed. What we must learn to do is better manage ourselves in the time we have.  -V. Lynn Hawkins

Was there ever a point in your life when you wished for more time? Did you ever want time to pass even more quickly? There are instances when time seems to fly while in other instances, time seems to be dragging. You often hear people complaining how their time at school or work is dragging, while the holidays just pass by all too quickly.

These illusions are merely the effect of how a person reacts to different emotions and environments because whether you like it or not, nothing will change the fact that one day is always composed of 24 hours, no more, no less.

According to research, once the human brain is engaged in numerous activities, it experiences a reduction in the ability to notice how time passes. Conversely, when your brain has less stimulation, it tends to focus on keeping tab on time passing.

Time management is almost as good as safeguarding your money through budgeting and banking. You protect your money, aiming to use it in the wisest ways possible to avoiding any waste, right. You budget. You balance the money you earn with the money you spend.

Just like money, your time is a limited and valuable resource. This means that the skills that you will need for managing your time is the same as those required for money management to be successful – planning, management, as well as self-control.

By learning good skills in time management, you will have a better chance of controlling yourself in time, with the primary objective of improving your life. Furthermore, this improvement will reduce the level of stress you cause for yourself and heighten your energy levels.

Through proper time management, you can maintain or come up with the perfect balance between your family, personal and work lives, while still possessing the flexibility of responding to new opportunities or surprises.

In bringing this though to a close, my biggest advice is to be flexible and adjust without apology, remembering, stress kills. It kills the human spirit and can crease physical responses that will kill you. People will understand, so be genuine in your reasons for any needed adjustments and you’ll be able to make them more easily.

I leave you with this thought around managing yourself in time, maintaining an attitude of flexibility. My dear friend, Cynthia Gardner O’Neill once told me, and I too hold to this notion:

Flexibility and adaptability are the New Stability. -Cynthia Gardner O’Neill

As we approach a New Year and the Holiday Season, manage yourself more easily by managing one of your most valuable assets, you in time.


About the Author:  

About the Author: V.Lynn Hawkins, a certified biz dev coach & small biz funding strategist, helps entrepreneurs raise capital thru crowdfunding. She’s CEO, P3 Academy of Social Entrepreneurship & Host, CrowdfundingHacker WebTV Show, where vision, vibe & voice create visibility.