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This is a Not-To-Be-Missed Training
What Would Business & Life Look Like if you could Easily
Increase Your Visibility, Attract More Customers
and Increase Your Revenue

“What will happen when thousands of people locally and across the globe
know that you have the solution they’ve been searching for?” -Ann DeVere

Learn this TedX Style approach to reach more customers, clients and new prospects. This unique, proven experiential training by Hollywood Executive Producer of the Global Visibility Network, Ann DeVere, will increase the trajectory of your business.

-Learn how to Look and Soung Great on Camera
-Learn to Interview like the Experts on TV
-Tell Your Why the Hollywood Way
-What to Say in the 1st 3 Seconds
-Two Ways to Make Money from Day 1
-Go Global with Your Docubranding Story

“It’s an amazing system that Ann DeVere has put together.
There is nothing else like it!” – Russell Cohn

Visibility and Voice – Lights | Camera | Interview
LIVE 1-Day Intensive
Friday, December 7, 2018  9am – 5pm
Marriott Courtyard Gwinnett Place
Use your P3Academy Access for a Special 50%+ Discount
Spend the day to learn and apply this, to reap the rewards in your business.
To Find Out More:  CLICK HERE

“There is so much that you need to know. Ann broke it down into bite size pieces…”
– MarBeth Dunn

Here’s the key …

If they knew your story, then they would know how good you really are and how much you care…

That’s why crafting TEDx style DocuBranding stories of You and Your Business are the key to making people Know, Like, Trust and DO Business With You.

–>  TEDx style stories are designed to grab people’s attention and have them wanting more.

–>  DocuBranding Stories are designed to tell THE STORY of YOU and the PURPOSE of your Business, Products and Programs in a compelling way.

This is a unique opportunity for learning how to craft and combine your TEDx Style stories and DocuBranding stories!

When you complete this training, you will know how to enter every conversation and exit with a customer. Ann is a genius in showing you how to do it. The best part is you get to experience it so that when you leave the training, it’s already a part of who you are and why you do what you do.

Don’t Wait. Register NOW at:

Women Empowering Women
We Empower and Grow
Global Leaders and Difference Makers!

Our vision is to positively impact, enthusiastically educate, heartfully engage, and powerfully empower women entrepreneurs in a purposefully positioned, creatively designed globally local community.

WE Women are your empowerment network and accountability partners to ensure you know your worth and value, and can create and grow revenue through building a sustainable legacy business.

WE Women are empowered and we share our space with the men who wish to join us who are also contributors to making a difference, globally and locally in the world, and who wish to further the messages and opportunities we collectively share.

What’s AheadAHEAD IN 2019 to Put On Your Calendar

January 29, 2019 Panel Discussion – Visibility Strategies for More Revenue in the New Year

February 26, 2019 Heart Connections that Empower For-Profit / Nonprofit Partnering

March 26, 2019 The Power of Video (Bring Your Camera or Phone and Tripod for Some Video Fun)

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The Mango Girl Global Book Tour

Networking an Intimate Evening with
Dr. Ava Eagle Brown

We recently shared a unique gathering with Multi-award winning international speaker, author and transformation mindset coach, makes a stop in Atlanta on ‘The Mango Girl – Global Empowerment Book Tour’ to share her story of survival and resilience, creating transformation and positively impacting the lives of women and girls, as well as men and boys. Her message of perseverance and fortitude, coming from the depths of poverty, incest, rape and abuse, is the story she writes about in her book, The Mango Girl – A Woman’s Story of Resilience and Survival, currently being made into a full-length feature film.

Here are a few of the pics of the tour events.

Dr. Ava Eagle Brown at Washington High School in Atlanta

A Heartfelt Thanks to Our Sponsors
It would not have been possible without you!!


Women Veterans WIN

Working In eNtrepreneurship

This is MORE THAN A JOB … It’s a New Future!! 

Are you looking for an opportunity to make a difference, to learn a new set of skills, to enhance your existing skills and grow more rapidly in your chosen field?

It can be overwhelming running a business without the help you need!!

Entrepreneurs Need You for Unpaid and Paid Internships in the P3ASE Internship Program for Women Veterans. This 90-day program will give you the opportunity to work part-time or full-time for the enterpreneur that you feel is a right fit for you, your time and your career interest.

Jobs/Services Provided Include:

  • Social Media Assistant (multiple opportunities)
  • Associate Podcast Producer (multiple opportunities)
  • Assistant Producer Web-TV (multiple opportunities)
  • Training Assistant (multiple opportunities)
  • Content Curator ((multiple opportunities)
  • Graphics Designers
  • Copywriters
  • Project Management
  • Executive Assistant (multiple opportunities)
  • Video Editor Assistant (multiple opportunities)
  • Video Production Assistant (multiple opportunities)
  • Membership Coordinator Assistant
  • Sales Associate (multiple opportunities)
  • Research Associate
  • Relationship Management Assistant (multiple opportunities)

WHEN:   Anytime  24/7
WHERE:   Your Computer via Facebook Live / Zoom Recording
COST:    Free to Attend 


‘Entrepreneurs WIN’

Utilizing Women Veterans as Interns to Help Grow Your Business

Are you struggling with trying to do it all?

STOP!  There’s an answer for you here.

It can be overwhelming running a business without the help you need!!

Learn how to work with an intern who can help you, and you can focus on the things you need to do to grow your business.

Understand how easy it can be to work with women Veterans to help grow your business. Work on projects, on specific areas of business, and mentor a woman who wants to help you grow your business.

Jobs/Services Provided Include:

  • Social Media Management
  • Graphics Design
  • Project Management
  • Executive Assistant
  • Video Edit and Production Assistance
  • and more

WHEN:   Anytime,  24/7
WHERE:  From the comfort of your home or office
COST:   No Cost to Attend  








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