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REPLAY – In This GET IT DONE PARTY, V. Lynn Hawkins, CEO of the P3 Academy of Social Entrepreneurship, walked attendees through understanding what blog writing has evolved into and how you, as a leader, entrepreneur or business owner can use blogging to GET More Visible, to GET Found, to GET Paid!

Here are just a few of the things Lynn covered:

– 2 major things you can do to create more blog articles in less time
– the top reason why you want to create more eBooks and Lead Magnets and increase your VISIBILITY FACTOR
– 3+ reasons why experts write blogs and why you should too
– why and how to write your articles with your audience first and foremost in mind
– how to use your blog article to attract your perfect customers
– how to become more of an expert authority in your niche.


[1] WATCH THE REPLAY (video below)

[2] Answer these 3 questions that are a part of the information shared during the training. Have your pen and paper handy.
Q-1  What are the 3 reasons why experts blog?
Q-2  Name 2 of the 6 Productivity Systems for Blog Article Writing that were discussed.
Q-3  What were the 2 biggest things from the Article Writing Piece that stood out for you?

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Let’s Increase Your Expert Authority, Increase Your Impact in the World, and Increase Your Bottom Line Income at the same time!

We look forward to your continued success!

Please contact us with any questions and we will see you on the inside of the webinar!

The P3 Academy Team





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