Job – Executive Admin Assistant


Company:             P3 Academy of Social Entrepreneurship
Position:                Executive Administrative Assistant Position
Open:                       Immediate (3 positions available)
Type Position:    Part-Time  (4 hrs / day or 20 hours / week)
Salary:                    Unpaid Internship (potential hire at program end.)

Summary: We are looking for  part-time (20 hours/week) Executive Administrative Assistants to join our virtual team. These amazing individuals will support our Operations Team and our CEO.

You come to us with a knack for organization and the ability to keep us on our toes. You have innate Project Management skills (detailed and persistent). You are a self-starter and motivated to serve others with your gift of positivity. You’ve had previous jobs where you were supporting executives and/or a customer service guru. You work well with other people and personalities…after all, we are increasing our library of digital courses and delivering a magnificent experience is one of our core values.

You are flexible and responsive to the needs of others because that’s who you are. (Don’t worry, we are on the bullet train to success. We know everyone needs their downtime, family time and fun time; which we like too.) You can see a problem from a mile away and are solutions oriented. You don’t have to always know how to fix the problem, but offering suggestions comes natural. You have experience with the techy stuff, are a geek (don’t really have to be a geek) and know stuff related to online business. You find that having some of the tasks you will assume being scheduled and repetitive, and that’s a good thing; and some will come up based on a project or initiative that all or many are new to, prompting out-of-the-box thinking and brainstorming.

We prefer that this person work virtually and meet with their team lead either daily or at some pre-scheduled regular time. We prefer that you be based in North America (time zones can be a crazy thing to manage). We operate during normal business hours, in the east coast time zone, but this position is flexible and you’ll have some freedom in when and where you’ll work. It’s more important to us that you accomplish certain tasks and objectives with a high level of responsiveness than needing to constantly clock in or out (lame, except for meetings with your team lead or other team members). And on the rare occasion, we’re having a live event, there may be a need and an opportunity to meet as a team at some location in the US or abroad. When a project or program warrants, we may coordinate meetings as a team to work a few night or weekend hours, but that’s rather rare.

About Us…

We are an exciting global brand helping entrepreneurs (mainly women entrepreneurs) grow business. We provide this through many free products such as our TV show, podcasts, Facebook Live events, and ebooks. We also offer paid products, programs and services including: business growth training, strategic planning, systems development, masterminds, social media marketing, and fundraising campaigns for business.

We are social entrepreneurs and care deeply about the things outside the box that can help a business grow. We support other global brands who are seeking to grow and/or who are looking for funding from corporations, foundations, small businesses and other sources.

We do work that matters and we do it in a fun way with a top-notch team of people, and we’re growing. We are a virtual company so everyone works remotely. We believe that who you are is more important than what you do. Yes, your work matters and we have high standards, but we also care about you as a human. So we prioritize having fun, enjoying life and family.

We’ve helped thousands of business ventures to spread their message all over the world. If that’s appealing to you, we’d love for you to join us.

Here’s What You Would Do…

Here’s a sample of some of the tasks our Executive Administrative Assistant performs for, and with us:

  • Calendar management
  • Customer service (inquiries come in directly to you to coordinate with our support team)
  • Podcast and web-tv processing (uploading files to YouTube, video editor, station broadcasters, and WordPress or other websites)
  • Gathering data to provide payment (affiliates and team members)
  • Creating meetings and syncing meeting technology to run meetings, webinars, and pitch meetings in Zoom
  • Technical skills (highly preferred, but not mandatory)
  • Coordinating Electronic Calendar Schedules
  • Posting on Facebook and using Facebook Live
  • Experience with social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube
  • Posting through Buffer and Hootsuite
  • Writing, blogging and proofreading ability
  • Travel coordination
  • Varying professional tasks from the Leadership Team

You’re The One We’re Looking For If…

  • You are an enthusiastic self-starter who is a people person and wants to help us and our brands to gain visibility and funding offline and online
  • You are organized and have skills to work alone as well as collaborate with multiple parties (we have a small/awesome team)
  • You are good at phone outreach (using a Google phone number) and online personal outreach using email.
  • You are naturally motivated and accomplish tasks without prompting
  • You like to find solutions and are a problem solver
  • You like people, and genuinely want people to have a great experience (so you provide the best customer service)
  • You have commendable communication skills
  • You have a willingness to learn and become an even greater contributor to the team
  • You’re responsive….we love having flexibility as a virtual team, but we are committed to a high level of responsiveness inside our team and with our customers and partners. We use Google Calendar, Google Drive, Asana and Office 365. (highly preferred, but not mandatory)
  • You are intrinsically positive… thinking: glass half full ALL.THE.TIME.
  • You are organized and pay attention to details. We manage most of our projects in Asana (bonus points if you’re familiar with Asana). You love to #checkalltheboxes.
  • You are flexible (sometimes we have changing priorities)
  • Works well with other personalities-customers and team members
  • The words I’m about to list sound familiar and you have some experience with many them, and are very ready to learn he others: WordPress, LeadPages, Office 365, MailChimp, Slack, Asana, Calendly, PayPal, Google calendars/email and various social platforms. We are willing to train, but our EA must have the ability to embrace and learn new technology with ease.
  • You are responsive and excited to be in the conversation and ask for big things for our clients and for us, from big sponsorship dollars to any other needed services.
  • You are available to begin working as an unpaid intern for P3ASE about 20 hours/week for 90-days, with the understanding and expectation that your work will be part of the direct efforts to increase our revenue for various reasons, including …

You must also be aware that after the intern program ends, you will be the preferred candidate for the paid position (full-time or part-time) offered at the recommendation of the team. Internships may be renewed.


How To Apply…

To apply, Click Here to submit by September 15, 2018.  We’re totally into deadlines, and the sooner, the better. We look forward to hearing from you!

P.S. If you’re not interested or available for this position, but know someone who is, we would really appreciate it if you passed this along!