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Welcome to the Positive Impact Makers ShowAMPLIFY YOUR IMPACT!

This is the show where Vision, Voice and Visibility are brought to new heights. On the Show, we talk about what Positive Impact Makers do, why they do it and the systems they use to AMPLIFY THEIR IMPACT! to give you, our audience of leaders and difference makers, new ideas and the opportunity to do it too.

Being a Positive Impact Maker is all about purpose, passion and power through systems, messaging, visibility and implementation. We will be sharing with you through this conversational interview style, how you can stand in the power of your purpose, increase visibility and the voice of our collective message about supporting Positive Impact Makers.

Join Host, V. Lynn Hawkins, as every Thursday at 2pm ET to learn from these purposeful Positive Impact Makers to AMPLIFY YOUR IMPACT!

If you are a Positive Impact Maker and you want to share how you are Amplifying Your Impact, with a desire for more, contact us about being a guest on the Show.

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