Social Media Visibility Bootcamp – Enrollment Confirmation

Welcome! Your enrollment is complete.

Congratulations! You’re IN!! You will want to ensure you can play full out so set up to be present and uninterrupted as you go through the modules of this Course. We will have a short break.

Here are a few other things you will find helpful in order to get the most out of the Bootcamp Course.

[1]  Set a time on your calendar where you can devote at lest 1 hour intervals of time. Everything we will walk through will give you a greater understanding of each of the social media channels we recommend for use and whether it is a channel that will help support you in your business. We will meet in a Private Zoom Video Conference Room and you will receive a special email with your access instructions.

[2]  Have your computer ready with access to your existing social media channels. Have a note pad, pen(s), water and anything else you’ll need readily available. We highly recommend you care for yourself as you move through the content intentionally. There is a good bit of information and your focus will be needed. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the time will go by.

[3]  Ask questions. We will be answering questions during and there will be a Q&A at the end of the Bootcamp. We don’t want you leaving with any questions in mind.

[4]  Share the information about this Bootcamp.  Invite and have 5 people sign up and pay to attend the Bootcamp and we will refund your enrollment fee. That means you get to attend at No Cost!

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[5]  Download your copy of the Social Media Principles Checklist. This handy checklist will make it easy for you to Get Clear to Get Visible and Found, and Get Revenue

Download it Here

Complete the above 6 steps and I promise you will have a full understanding of the value of using social media to grow your business, you will be set up and can easily implement your plan.

You’ll get a reminder email the day before the Bootcamp and another at 3 hours before the bootcamp.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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