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Themed Monthly Business Networking Events,
Purposeful Connecting thru Networking,
Business Growth Focused, Creating a Collaborative Community

Networking is Powerful! Meeting the person or persons who can exponentially, positively impact the growth of your business and your network is even more powerful.

Women Empowering Women (“WE Women”) intentionally invites some of the most empowering women and men, entrepreneurs who are or want to be on the cutting edge of doing business, in the Gwinnett and North Metro Atlanta area into the room. Once each month, we are prompted to holistically, organically, purposefully network to collaborate and co-create into possibilities.

You’ve heard it said … “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well, it takes a collaborative of entrepreneurs with heart, passion and a mission to create more successful businesses.

Join WE Women Network to collaborate, learn, share, and play with us as we make 2019 a Most Powerful and Prosperous Year!

The Women Empowering Women (“WE Women”) organization is an open organization and a unique platform for women sharing entrepreneurial resources, stories of powerful life and business experiences and strategies for forward movement into and through a global network of live and digital connections.

It begins with networking to get to know each other to explore the possibilities of creating new collaborative opportunities. We will have exercises and opportunities to share, learn, excite and empower.

Our WE Women Ambassadors will be strategically positioned throughout the event to introduce themselves and ask you to share so they can help connect you to new possibilities.

Women Empowering Women
We Empower and Grow
Global Leaders and Difference Makers!

Our vision is to positively impact, enthusiastically educate, heartfully engage, and powerfully empower women entrepreneurs in a purposefully positioned, creatively designed globally local community.

WE Women are your empowerment network and accountability partners to ensure you know your worth and value, and can create and grow revenue through building a sustainable legacy business.

WE Women are empowered and we share our space with the men who wish to join us who are also contributors to making a difference, globally and locally in the world, and who wish to further the messages and opportunities we collectively share.

Apply to have your business added to our Resources List so we can share, showcase, promote, and refer you.

We Promote Our Partners

Through the P3 Academy of Social Entrepreneurship, our Partner in Education is DeVry University. Learn more about how you can benefit from being a part of our tribe and our partnership. Email us at:   info@p3academy.com

We are exceptionally excited to work with our partner in delivering the eWIN and P3 Academy Internship Program for Women Veterans is Marianette ReFour, Licensed Psychologist and CEO of Mir-Image Consulting, delivering Professional and Business Etiquette.

We also congratulate and are excited to work with our partner, Saint Leo University, who had allowed us to present our program offering to their women students and women Veterans.


We are also seeking Sponsors

If you are interested in Sponsoring this event or an upcoming event, please click the link below to obtain the information you need to provide support and what you will receive in exchange.

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January 29, 2019 – Panel Discussion – Visibility Strategies for More Revenue in the New Year

February 26, 2019 – Heart Connections that Empower For-Profit / Nonprofit Partnering

March 26, 2019 – The Power of Video (Bring Your Camera or Phone and Tripod for Some Video Fun)

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NOTE:  Founding Members Opportunity Forthcoming

We look forward to your joining us.

V. Lynn Hawkins
Founder, Women Empowering Women
CEO, P3 Academy of Social Entrepreneurship